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Vivatreets yverdon les bains

vivatreets yverdon les bains

11 businesses involved in this sector. Its reputation grew rapidly. Of the agricultural land,.1 is used for growing crops and.5 is pastures. At the Savoy Castle, which dates from the 13th century and dominates the old town, an exhibition documents the history of the town and region. It is the seat of the district. 18 Of the built up area, industrial buildings made.6 of the total area while housing and buildings made.2 and transportation infrastructure made.2. He founded the new town Ville Neuve of Yverdon, defended by walls and a castle. 3,858 people.5 are between 30 and 39, 3,791 people.3 are between 40 and 49, and 3,138 people.8 are between 50 and. 22 Over the last 10 years (19992009) the population has changed at a rate.2. In 2009 the Musée d'Yverdon et région was visited by 8,051 visitors (the average in previous years was 7,871). The spa reopened in 1977. It is supposed that the spring was a sacred place, with some sort of wooden structure. There was a combined total (as of 2008) of 99,302 books or other media in the libraries, and in the same year a total of 124,282 items were loaned out. All the water in the municipality is flowing water. Their are 3 smallish pools or 3 normal sized but dreadfully overcrowded pools, with a vast amount of chlorine in the inside pool, poor massage jets, old looking, rusty installations, very very badly in need of another renovation!


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